How to say good in Korean

What's the Korean word for good? Here's a list of translations.

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More Korean words for good
좋은 adjective
joh-eun nice, pretty, admirable, canny, tenacious
좋은 것 noun
joh-eun geos topper
seon line, zen, gland, selection, trace
좋게 adverb
johge good
충분한 adjective
chungbunhan sufficient, ample, sound, plenum, main
상품 noun
sangpum goods, commodity, merchandise, prize, ware
적합한 adjective
jeoghabhan befitting
선량한 adjective
seonlyanghan well-conditioned
훌륭하게 adverb
hullyunghage wonderfully, nicely, beautifully, fine, finely
유능한 adjective
yuneunghan competent, capable, able, consummate, useful
유효한 adjective
yuhyohan valid, available, effective, active, live
좋은 물건 noun
joh-eun mulgeon good
행복한 adjective
haengboghan happy
강한 adjective
ganghan strong, powerful, intensive, stark, hot
친절한 adjective
chinjeolhan kind, attentive, kindly, nice, accommodating
얌전한 adjective
yamjeonhan meek, well-bred
재산 noun
jaesan property, wealth, fortune, assets, estate
완전한 adjective
wanjeonhan complete, full, perfect, entire, integral
사실 noun
sasil reality, realism, historical fact, sanctum, actual inspection
필요한 소질 noun
pil-yohan sojil good
선량한 사람들 noun
seonlyanghan salamdeul good
ho arc, number, lake, trench, house
cheon cloth, thousand, clothes, stitch, sky
화물 noun
hwamul freight, goods, express
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