What is the Korean word for hear?

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More Korean words for hear
듣다 verb
deudda listen to, hark, learn, take effect, drip
열리다 verb
yeollida open, unlatch, take place, become civilized, bear fruit
들리다 verb
deullida obsess, listen, run out
들어서 알다 verb
deul-eoseo alda understand
들어주다 verb
deul-eojuda answer, listen, receive
청취하다 verb
cheongchwihada monitor
통신을 받다 verb
tongsin-eul badda hear
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hear about
~에 대해 듣다
hear from verb
~에게서 듣다, ...에게서 소식을 듣다
hear out
not hear
듣지 않다
did not hear
듣지 못했다.
I hear that
나는 그것을 듣는다.
hear that
그거 듣고.
hear to verb
~에 듣는다, 할 생각을 갖다
hear of
~을 듣다
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