How to say concern in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for concern? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for concern
懸念 noun
Kenen fear, worry, anxiety
関心 noun
Kanshin interest
心配 noun
Shinpai worry, care, fear, anxiety, apprehension
配慮 noun
Hairyo consideration, forethought
憂慮 noun
Yūryo fear, anxiety
企業 noun
Kigyō company, enterprise, business, firm, undertaking
Osore fear, anxiety, uneasiness
関知 noun
Kanchi business
係る verb
Kakaru involve, be the work of, affect
関する verb
Kansuru be related
Nen sense, feeling, attention, idea, thought
気掛かり noun
Kigakari worry, anxiety
顧慮 noun
Koryo consideration, solicitude
商社 noun
Shōsha trading company, company, firm, business, corporation
痛痒 noun
Tsūyō interest
気苦労 noun
Kigurō worry, trouble, care, anxiety
焦慮 noun
Shōryo anxiety, impatience, worry, apprehension, fear
心労 noun
Shinrō anxiety, worry, care, apprehension, fear
後顧 noun
Kōko worry, anxiety, trouble, care
貴社 noun
Kisha company, firm, enterprise, corporation, alliance
老婆心 noun
Rōbashin concern
商館 noun
Shōkan company, firm, trading company, association, business
商会 noun
Shōkai firm, company, association, business, enterprise
公司 noun
Kōshi company, corporation, firm, business, association
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