How to say join in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for join? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation

Sanka suru

More Japanese words for join
加わる verb
Kuwawaru join in, increase, accede, gain in
接続 noun
Setsuzoku connection, link, connexion, union
入る verb
Hairu enter, contain, hold, go in, come in
交わる verb
Majiwaru intersect, cross, mingle, mix, associate
結び付ける verb
Musubitsukeru combine, tie on, attach with a knot
連ねる verb
Tsuraneru link, put together
乗る verb
Noru ride, get on, board, ride in, mount
入れる verb
Ireru insert, put in, include, turn on, admit
合わす verb
Awasu match, adjust, unite, combine, add
混ざる verb
Mazaru be mixed, be blended, mingle, associate
落ち合う verb
Ochiau meet, rendezvous
付ける verb
Tsukeru wear, attach, apply, put on, place
交じる verb
Majiru mingle, be mixed, be mingled, be blended, mix
混じる verb
Konjiru mix, mingle, be mixed, be mingled, be blended
交ざる verb
Mazaru be mixed, be blended, mingle, associate
立ち交る verb
Tachi 交Ru join
接ぐ verb
Tsugu graft, piece together, set
合わせ目 noun
Awase-me seam, stitch, dart, joint, conjugation
会わせる verb
Awa seru add, attach
つなぎ合わせる verb
Tsunagi awaseru connect
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join a club
join up verb
参加, 組み合わせる
join in verb
参加する, 加わる
please join us
join together verb
一緒に参加する, 組み合う, 組み合わせる, 結び付く, 合する
join the army
join venture
join forces
join hands
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