How to say origin in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for origin? Here's a list of translations.

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More Japanese words for origin
原点 noun
Genten starting point
起源 noun
Kigen source, beginning, derivation, rise, root
由来 noun
Yurai source, derivation, history, reason, destiny
Gen yuan, origination
オリジン noun
Orijin origin
Minamoto source
出所 noun
Shussho source, release from prison, authority, exit, point of departure
原因 noun
Gen'in cause, causing, source
発生 noun
Hassei occurrence, incidence, outbreak, spring forth
起原 noun
Kigen source, beginning, derivation, rise, root
根源 noun
Kongen source, root, foundation, beginning, fountainhead
素性 noun
Sujō identity, history, birth, lineage
根本 noun
Konpon root, foundation, principle, source
出処 noun
Shussho source, birthplace, authority, exit, point of departure
原始 noun
Genshi origin
出どころ noun
Dedokoro source
本源 noun
Hongen principle, source, root, cause, origination
淵源 noun
Engen origination, provenance, stock, genesis, ancestry
In factor, cause, motive
導出 noun
Dōshutsu derivation, extraction, root, source, beginning
故事 noun
Koji historical fact
元始 noun
Genshi origin
謂れ noun
Iware reason, history
劈頭 noun
Hekitō outset, start, beginning, source, onset
本元 noun
Honmoto original maker
切掛け noun
Kirikake case, chance, hap, pretext, handle
起端 noun
Okoshi-tan start, starting, beginning, commencement, inception
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