How to say still in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for still? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for still
依然として adverb
Izentoshite as yet
未だ adverb
Imada yet, as yet, hitherto, more, besides
やはり adverb
Yahari also, nevertheless, of course
依然 adverb
Izen as yet
未だに adverb
Imadani until this day
スチール noun
Suchīru steel
Nao furthermore, yet, more, still more
やっぱり adverb
Yappari absolutely, also
平然 adjective
Heizen cool, quiet, peaceful, mild, placid
平淡 adjective
Heitan simple, quiet, peaceful, mild, placid
静粛 adjective
Seishuku quiet, silent, noiseless, hushed, soundless
ひっそり adjective
Hissori quiet, silent, deserted
然るに adverb
Shikaruni however, but
今でも adverb
Imademo as yet
音のしない adjective
Oto no shinai noiseless
慌てずに adverb
Awatezu ni gently, composedly, cool, leisurely, peacefully
今尚 adverb
Imanao still
今以て adverb
Imamotte yet
しんとした adjective
Shin to shita still
それでもなお adverb
Soredemo nao still
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