How to say take in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for take? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for take
テイク verb
Teiku take
取る verb
Toru pick up, harvest, hull
要する verb
Yōsuru require, demand
撮る verb
Toru take
受ける verb
Ukeru receive, accept, get, suffer, have
採る verb
Toru hold
受け取る verb
Uketoru receive, get, accept, interpret, understand
掛かる verb
Kakaru cost, hang
使う verb
Tsukau use, spend, employ, need, want
受け止める verb
Uketomeru catch, react to, stop the blow
執る verb
Toru hold
就く verb
Tsuku settle
頂く verb
Itadaku receive, be crowned with, live under, install, instal
捕る verb
Toru catch, obtain, choose
戴く verb
Itadaku receive, wear, take food, take a drink, be crowned with
連れる verb
Tsureru lead
懸かる verb
Kakaru cost, hang, be suspended, be trapped
分捕る verb
Bundoru capture, seize, grab, plunder, occupy
召す verb
Mesu call, catch, catch a cold, send for, put on
撰ぶ verb
Erabu choose, select, elect
持って行く verb
Motteyuku take
挟み上げる verb
Hasamiageru pick up
齎らす verb
齎-Ra su bring, bring about
むきになる verb
Muki ni naru become serious
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