How to say turn in Italian

What's the Italian word for turn? Here's a list of translations.

Italian Translation
More Italian words for turn
girare verb
shoot, spin, rotate, make, round
la volta noun
time, vault, roof, round, piece
svoltare verb
corner, swerve
il turno noun
round, shift, duty, watch, spell
trasformare verb
transform, change, turn into, alter, build
il giro noun
tour, ride, lap, round, revolution
la direzione noun
direction, management, leadership, way, directorate
la svolta noun
turning, bend
trasformarsi verb
transform, develop, burgeon
la girata noun
endorsement, walk, indorsement, stroll, indorsation
la curva noun
curve, bend, bent, turning
voltare verb
diventare verb
become, be, get, make, grow
la piega noun
fold, crease, ply, pleat, twist
rivolgere verb
direct, apply, aim
volgere verb
cambiare verb
change, alter, exchange, shift, mutate
virare verb
veer, change course
il cambiamento noun
change, shift, switch, alteration, reversal
rovesciare verb
overthrow, reverse, overturn, topple, spill
curvare verb
bend, curve, warp, corner, bow
divenire verb
become, get, grow, wax, burgeon
piegare verb
bend, fold, bow, tuck, tilt
dirigere verb
direct, manage, lead, head, conduct
la giravolta noun
turnaround, twirl
sviare verb
divert, mislead, distract, deviate, lead astray
lo attacco noun
attack, connection, bout, assault, binding
le attitudine noun
attitude, aptitude, disposition, bent
andare a male verb
il accidente noun
accident, fit
lo brutto colpo noun
il numero noun
number, size, digit, figure, act
i indirizzo noun
address, direction
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