How to say top in Italian

What's the Italian word for top? Here's a list of translations.

Italian Translation
More Italian words for top
la cima noun
rope, summit, peak, tip, height
superiore adjective
upper, higher, superior, above, advanced
i top noun
le sopra noun
migliore adjective
best, better
primo adjective
first, early, prime, former, leading
il vertice noun
summit, vertex, peak, top management
la testa noun
head, skull, nut, pate, noddle
massimo adjective
maximum, highest, utmost, ultimate, peak
la vetta noun
summit, peak, tip
la punta noun
tip, point, toe, bit, peak
il tetto noun
roof, ceiling, limit, house, home
la superficie noun
il coperchio noun
cover, lid, cap
ultimo adjective
last, latest, final, ultimate, latter
il capo noun
head, chief, boss, leader, end
il tappo noun
plug, stopper, cork, bung
il culmine noun
culmination, height, climax, peak, summit
la trottola noun
spinning top, whirligig
il apice noun
apex, peak, climax, height, zenith
il piano superiore noun
superare verb
exceed, overcome, pass, surpass, get over
la camicia noun
il più alto adjective
uppermost, topmost
coprire verb
cover, be covered, drape, hold, whitewash
dirigente adjective
ruling, managing
sovrastare verb
overhang, surpass, overlook, hang over, stand above
tagliare le punte verb
essere in testa verb
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