How to say spread in Italian

What's the Italian word for spread? Here's a list of translations.

Italian Translation


More Italian words for spread
la diffusione noun
diffusion, broadcast, circulation, propagation, telecast
diffondere verb
disseminate, diffuse, popularize, release, carry
la propagazione noun
spargere verb
shed, scatter, sprinkle, sow, spill
distribuire verb
distribute, deliver, allocate, dispense, release
le espansione noun
expansion, expanse, effusion
stendere verb
lay, stretch, extend, draw up, lay out
spalmare verb
smear, daub, dab
divulgare verb
divulge, make known, broadcast, noise, tell
dilagare verb
flood, increase, overflow, sweep
estendere verb
extend, expand, stretch, enlarge, carry
allargare verb
enlarge, widen, broaden, extend, grow
propagare verb
la distesa noun
expanse, stretch, sweep, extent, sheet
spandere verb
scatter, run
la apertura noun
opening, openness, aperture, hole, gap
seminare verb
sow, seed, shake off, scatter, leave behind
distendere verb
stretch, relax, extend, lay, lie down
le ampiezza noun
amplitude, width, breadth, extent, spaciousness
spiegare verb
explain, unfold, demonstrate, expound, interpret
spandersi verb
disseminare verb
disseminate, scatter, strew
il banchetto noun
banquet, feast
dividere verb
divide, split, share, separate, partition
il copriletto noun
bedspread, coverlet, bedcover, counterpane
la pasta noun
pasta, paste, dough, pastry, macaroni
spacciare verb
peddle, sell, push, pretend
la doppia pagina noun
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