How to say smooth in Italian

What's the Italian word for smooth? Here's a list of translations.

Italian Translation
More Italian words for smooth
liscio adjective
plain, straight, sleek, slick, neat
lisciare verb
sleek, smooth out, slick, flatter, shave
regolare adjective
regular, normal, proper, steady, standard
appianare verb
smooth out, settle, level, even, smooth away
smussare verb
chamfer, round, soften, round off, dull
levigare verb
sand, polish, rub down
spianare verb
level, flatten, plane, smooth out, roll out
morbido adjective
soft, tender, silky, downy, squashy
dolce adjective
sweet, fresh, gentle, soft, mild
levigato adjective
facile adjective
easy, simple, likely, facile, plain
tranquillo adjective
quiet, peaceful, tranquil, calm, still
calmo adjective
calm, quiet, cool, still, sedate
piano adjective
plane, level, flat, plain, shallow
mellifluo adjective
mellifluous, honeyed, suave, sleek, melliferous
untuoso adjective
oily, greasy, unctuous, smarmy, fatty
sdolcinato adjective
sloppy, mawkish, sugary, affected, gushing
piallare verb
plane, shave
calmarsi verb
quiet, subside, settle down, abate, simmer down
massaggiare verb
massage, knead
corrente adjective
current, running, flowing, present, ordinary
rasserenarsi verb
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