How to say fit in Italian

What's the Italian word for fit? Here's a list of translations.

Italian Translation
More Italian words for fit
adattarsi verb
settle down
in forma adjective
adatto adjective
suitable, suited, appropriate, right, proper
adattare verb
adapt, adjust, accommodate, suit, conform
andare bene verb
suit, do, like, match, feel like
idoneo adjective
suitable, eligible
calzare verb
wear, put on, shoe
incastrare verb
embed, fix, fit in, imbed, get stuck
adeguare verb
adapt, adjust, align, conform, conform oneself
pronto adjective
ready, prepared, set, prompt, quick
appropriato adjective
appropriate, proper, suitable, right, apposite
lo attacco noun
attack, connection, bout, assault, binding
abile adjective
skillful, able, clever, skilful, adept
quadrare verb
square, balance, suit, agree
sano adjective
healthy, sound, wholesome, well, healthful
munire verb
arm, provide, supply, equip with, fortify with
lo scatto noun
click, burst, unit, latch, spurt
preparare verb
prepare, make, arrange, lay, get ready
il fatto noun
fact, event, matter, case, truth
conveniente adjective
convenient, cheap, suitable, fitting, good
provare verb
try, prove, test, experience, feel
lo accesso noun
access, login, entrance, entry, admission
la crisi noun
crisis, crunch, slump, attack, problem
convenire verb
agree, suit, convene, stipulate, pay
uniformare verb
even, conform, level, make uniform, stereotype
il colpo noun
shot, blow, stroke, hit, strike
il impeto noun
impetus, impulse, surge, force, heat
impiantare verb
implant, establish, set up, install, instal
confarsi verb
suit, agree, become
lo slancio noun
rush, dash, burst, leap, upsurge
il convulso noun
convulsion, paroxysm, twitch
la convulsione noun
il accidente noun
accident, turn
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