How to say good in Indonesian

What's the Indonesian word for good? Here's a list of translations.

Indonesian Translation
More Indonesian words for good
baik adjective
well, nice, kind, great, right
bagus adjective
nice, fine, beautiful, nifty, lovely
kebaikan noun
goodness, kindness, favor, virtue, benefit
enak adjective
tasty, delicious, nice, comfortable, well
senang adjective
happy, pleased, glad, nice, amused
pandai adjective
clever, intelligent, proficient, versed, resourceful
layak adjective
decent, worthy, feasible, proper, reasonable
kebajikan noun
virtue, benevolence, goodness, righteousness, benefaction
pintar adjective
smart, clever, witty, shrewd, brainy
lumayan adjective
tolerable, decent, sizable, middling, not bad
manis adjective
sweet, cute, sugary, pretty, snazzy
cerah adjective
bright, sunny, clear, fine, brilliant
cakap adjective
capable, competent, skilled, able, proficient
manfaat noun
benefit, advantage, merit, stead, profit
sedap adjective
savory, delicious, pleasant, tasty, sleek
bajik adjective
virtuous, wholesome
elok adjective
beautiful, elegant, lovely, chic, cute
dgn baik adverb
well, nicely, cleanly, favorably, fine
utuh adjective
intact, whole, integral, undamaged, untouched
budiman adjective
wise, righteous, sapiential, solomonic
gurih adjective
tasteful, savory, tasty, delicious, tempting
yg menyenangkan adjective
likable, sightly, pleasant, likeable, pleasing
yg dpt diminum adjective
hasan adjective
yg berlaku adjective
prevailing, in effect, effective, going, operative
susila adjective
moral, ethical, ethic, decent
yg menguntungkan adjective
propitious, lucrative, profitable, trine, gainful
afdal adjective
ritually pure, nice, fine
berkedudukan tinggi adjective
noble, grand
guna noun
use, purpose, function, benefit, avail
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