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How to say close in Indonesian

What's the Indonesian word for close? Here's a list of translations.

Indonesian Translation
More Indonesian words for close
dekat adverb
near, nearby, short, imminent, immediate, nigh, at hand
menutup verb
shut, cover, shut down, seal, conclude
ditutup verb
erat adjective
tight, firm, fast
hampir adverb
almost, nearly, about, practically, nigh
penutupan noun
closing, closure, shutdown
akrab adjective
familiar, intimate, chummy, great, fast
ketat adjective
strict, tight, stringent, stiff, firm
tertutup adjective
closed, enclosed, sealed, shut, cloistered
akhir noun
end, finish, ending, conclusion, finale
rapat adjective
tight, dense, compact, intimate, firm
penutup noun
cover, covering, lid, end, flap
teliti adjective
thorough, careful, conscientious, rigorous, precise
melekat adjective
viscous, glutinous
pengap adjective
stuffy, stale, fetid, stinking, foetid
damping adjective
tersembunyi adjective
hidden, secret, ulterior, covert, latent
menguncup verb
furl, contract, be afraid
kerap adjective
bungkam adjective
silent, mum, quiet, speechless, secret
rahasia adjective
secret, confidential, classified, clandestine, undercover
kepil adverb
sanding adverb
secara singkat adverb
briefly, short, shortly, concisely
menauntukan verb
weave, interlace, combine, join, unite
ketel adjective
crowded, dense
kikir adjective
miserly, stingy, griping, parsimonious, mean
lokek adjective
stingy, mean, parsimonious, close-fisted, hard-fisted
rodong adjective
tdk segar adjective
panas sekali adjective
broiling, sweltering, torrid, red-hot
mempertauntukan verb
interlace, weave, combine, join, unite
terpisah adjective
separate, detached, distinct, secluded, disjunct
tersendiri adjective
separate, special, individual, alone, distinctive
lekat-lekat adjective
adhering, sticking, addicted
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