How to say hit in Indonesian

What's the Indonesian word for hit? Here's a list of translations.

Indonesian Translation
More Indonesian words for hit
memukul verb
beat, smack, strike, knock, whack
pukulan noun
blow, stroke, beating, knock, jolt
sukses noun
success, achievement, eclat, godspeed, stride
menabrak verb
crash, bump, strike, smash
membentur verb
strike, collide, bend, bow
mengenai verb
respect, affect, concern, refer, pertain
kena verb
be subject to, fit, contract, be down with, fall under
terbentur verb
collide, stumble
masuk verb
enter, get in, go in, come in, go into
mendapatkan verb
get, obtain, gain, have, find
menemukan verb
find, come across, discover, locate, have
mendapat verb
get, have, receive, obtain, gain
memukulkan verb
pound, strike, beat, bang, pommel
mengenai sasaran verb
mendapati verb
find, have, get, make, receive
gasak verb
mengirap verb
flap, flutter, disappear, vanish
hasil baik noun
ketulan noun
memperpukul verb
strike, beat, multiply
mendapat akal verb
memperpukulkan verb
strike, beat, multiply
menggocoh verb
catuk verb
peck, nibble, rap
makan verb
eat, meal, feed, take, consume
mengadu verb
complain, pit, snitch, contest, fink
kesomplok verb
be broke, bump
tindakan yg mengenai sasaran noun
memberi verb
give, let, grant, deliver, have
memukul-mukul verb
lick, smite, beat, knock, bang
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