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How to say tight in Indonesian

What's the Indonesian word for tight? Here's a list of translations.

Indonesian Translation
More Indonesian words for tight
ketat adjective
strict, stringent, close, stiff, firm
erat adjective
close, firm, fast
kencang adjective
taut, strong, blustery, stiff, tense
rapat adverb
tightly, dense, close, closely, compact, intimate, firm
sempit adjective
narrow, cramped, poky, limited, crowded
kuat adjective
strong, robust, solid, firm, intense
tegang adjective
tense, strained, uptight, taut, stern
padat adjective
solid, dense, congested, compact, heavy
sulit adjective
difficult, hard, tough, arduous, complicated
keras adjective
hard, loud, harsh, tough, strong
cekak adjective
insufficient, rude, short
rapi adjective
neat, tidy, presentable, cleanly, orderly
mabuk adjective
drunk, drunken, intoxicated, boozy, tanked
kikir adjective
miserly, stingy, griping, parsimonious, mean
regang adjective
kekar adjective
stocky, hefty, sturdy, solid, strapping
penuh sesak adjective
crowded, packed, flush, throng, top-full
serat adjective
senak adjective
ketang adjective
bakhil adjective
griping, curmudgeonly, stingy, miserly, illiberal
jegang adjective
stiff, inflexible, tense
sesak padat adjective
crowded, flush, throng, packed, top-full
mampat adjective
solid, slogged up, excellent
sukar adjective
difficult, tough, inconvenient, complicated, arduous
singsat adjective
kuat-kuat adverb
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See Also in English
tight junction
persimpangan ketat
tight schedule
jadwal yang padat
very tight
sangat ketat
tight-fisted adjective
kikir, bakhil
tight-lipped adjective
bungkam, membisu
tight jeans
celana jeans ketat
tight spot
tempat yang ketat
hold tight
pegang erat-erat
tight fit
cocok ketat
sit tight
duduk dengan ketat
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