How to say good in Hindi

What's the Hindi word for good? Here's a list of translations.

Hindi Translation
More Hindi words for good
अच्छा adjective
Acchā nice, benign, improved, bonny, benignant
Śubha happy, fortunate, shubh
ठीक adjective
Ṭhīka exact, unspoiled, unspoilt, appropriate, accurate
भलाई noun
Bhalā'ī well-being, goodness, well, virtue, merit
भला adjective
Bhalā smashing, virtuous, righteous, nifty
उत्तम adjective
Uttama perfect, spanking, masterly, surpassing, top
उचित adjective
Ucita proper, reasonable, advisable, suitable, right
Hita a good turn, behoof, solidary
उपयुक्त adjective
Upayukta suitable, appropriate, apt, fit, convenient
कल्याण noun
Kalyāṇa interest, felicity
उपकार noun
Upakāra beneficence, help, protection, alms-deed
योग्य adjective
Yōgya qualified, eligible, able, deserving, fit
दयालु adjective
Dayālu kind, gracious, permissive, indulgent, kindly
आकर्षक adjective
Ākarṣaka catchy, glamorous, pleasing, likable, fetching
संतोषजनक adjective
santoshajanak satisfactory, satisfying, tolerable, fair
धार्मिक adjective
Dhārmika religious, virtuous, holy, righteous, sacred
साधु adjective
Sādhu pious
लाभ noun
Lābha advantage, benefit, profit, gain, mileage
पुण्यात्मा noun
Puṇyātmā saint
संतोषप्रद adjective
Santōṣaprada satisfactory, fine
अनुकूल adjective
Anukūla suited, favorable, compatible, congruent, congenial
सुविधा noun
Suvidhā facility, convenience, comfort, accommodation, vantage
ख़ूब adjective
Ḵẖūba nice, beautiful
Ac‍chā'ī goodness, desirableness, immenseness
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