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What's the Hindi word for fit? Here's a list of translations.

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उपयुक्त adjective
Upayukta suitable, appropriate, apt, convenient, applicable
Ṭhīka ok, just, correct, surely, deal with, decentish
योग्य adjective
Yōgya qualified, eligible, able, deserving, capable
उचित adjective
Ucita proper, reasonable, advisable, suitable, right
दौरा noun
Daurā tour, periodicity, circulation, inbreak, visiting round
माकूल adjective
Mākūla appropriate, proper, suitable, reasonable, fair
योग्य बनाना verb
Yōgya banānā enable
उपयोज्यता noun
Upayōjyatā utility, availability
त्वरित आवेश noun
Tvarita āvēśa fit
काम का adjective
Kāma kā labor, jobbing, official, ministerial, serviceable
लायक़ adjective
laayaq capable, deserving, deserved, calculated, capable of
अंटना verb
Aṇṭanā go in, be in abundance
बैठाना verb
Baiṭhānā incase, interpolate, situate, inset, imbed
ठीक करना verb
Ṭhīka karanā proofread, calibrate, modulate, repair, touch up
प्रस्तुत करना verb
Prastuta karanā render, submit, adduce, raise, prepare
अनुकूल होना verb
Anukūla hōnā cohere, befit, tally, match, parallel
जंचना verb
Jan̄canā be examined
Jamānā curdle, emplacement, fix, froze, implant
Durusta all right, pat, prim, quite so
फिट करना
Phiṭa karanā fit
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