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What's the Hindi word for large? Here's a list of translations.

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More Hindi words for large
बड़ा adverb
Baṛā big, great, huge, major, volumetric
लार्ज adjective
Lārja large
विशाल adjective
Viśāla huge, giant, spacious, gigantic, enormous
bahut highly, copious, exquisite, gey, intensely
चौड़ा adverb
Cauṛā wide, broad
विपुल adverb
Vipula exuberant, profuse, plenteous, bounteous, abundant
उदार adverb
Udāra generous, liberal, benevolent, lenient, magnanimous
आयत adjective
Āyata oblong, prolate, oblongated
गाढ़ adjective
Gāṛha strong, wakeless
महत adjective
Mahata great, grand, big, huge, high
अधिक परिमाण में adverb
Adhika parimāṇa mēṁ largely, on a large scale
Pracura affluent, unsparing, colliquation, enormous, exuberant
Bahula a great many, abundant, many
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