How to say flows in French

What's the French word for flows? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for flow
les écoulement noun
flowing, discharge, outflow, passing, flux
les flux noun
flux, current, flood, flush, spate
couler verb
run, cast, roll, run out, go under
la circulation noun
circulation, traffic, running, spread, movement of traffic
le courant noun
current, stream, run, tide, draft
passer verb
pass, spend, go, proceed, skip
affluer verb
pour, roll in, throng
le déroulement noun
progress, development
jaillir verb
gush forth, shoot, squirt, spurt out, spray out
se répandre verb
spread, spill, diffuse, extend, permeate
se dérouler verb
take place, unfold, unwind, work, unroll
flotter verb
float, hover, drift, waft, stream
inonder verb
flood, inundate, swamp, overflow, drown
le fleuve noun
river, stream
monter verb
mount, climb, ride, rise, go up
la production noun
production, output, generation, manufacture, produce
submerger verb
overwhelm, submerge, flood, swamp, wash
se jeter verb
throw, plunge, tumble, surge
la inondation noun
flood, flooding, inundation, deluge, high tide
ondoyer verb
undulate, waft
les règles noun
period, menses, monthlies, form, course
s'écouler verb
seep, pour out, roll on, run out, pass
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flux noun
flux, flow, current, flood, flush
les pronoun, article
the, them
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