How to say dry in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for dry? Here's a list of translations.

Filipino Translation
More Filipino words for dry
tuyo adverb
dried, arid, thirsty, brut, sere
patuyuin verb
drain, drain away, evaporate, wither, sear
tuyot adjective
arid, stuffy, wizened, torrid, sapless
tigang adjective
arid, barren, parched, thirsty, wizened
tagtuyot noun
walang tubig adjective
anhydrous, waterless
uhaw adjective
magpatuyo verb
dry off, desiccate, evaporate
patay na patay adjective
punasan verb
wipe, sponge, mop, wipe up, dust
walang gatas adjective
nauuhaw adjective
matamlay adjective
listless, inanimate, wan, sluggish, lethargic
walang sigla adjective
listless, lukewarm, apathetic, dejected, lifeless
limasin verb
scoop out, drain, ransack thoroughly
magbilad verb
dry under the sun, expose to the sun, parch, spread
magpunas verb
mop, scour, sponge, wipe, dust
magdarang verb
bask, singe, heat, roast, expose
hindi masaya adjective
desolate, joyless
maglimas verb
bail out, scoop out
ibilad verb
expose to the sun, parch
idarang verb
singe, parch, roast, expose
walang kasigla-sigla adjective
dryasdust, tame
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See Also in English
dry up verb
magpatuyo, matuyo
dry cleaning noun
dry cleaning, paglilinis na kimiko
dry cleaner
dry cleaner
dry season
dry season
dry clean
dry dry
dry skin
dry skin
dry ice
tuyo na yelo
dry out
dry off verb
matuyo, magpatuyo
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