How to say turn in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for turn? Here's a list of translations.

Filipino Translation
More Filipino words for turn
lumiko verb
sheer, round, curve, swing, bend
pagliko noun
maging verb
be, become, grow, turn into, make
pagkakataon noun
opportunity, chance, time, occasion, instance
turno noun
lathe, spell
umikot verb
revolve, pivot, round, rotate, spin
liko noun
bend, slew, detour, curve, winding
pagpihit noun
slue, veer
pihit noun
veer, slue
pagbaling noun
veer, slue
pumihit verb
crank, veer, make to go round, slue, twist
pagbabago noun
change, changing, innovation, revision, alteration
balingan verb
uminog verb
turn around, revolve, spin, gyrate, swirl
panahon noun
time, weather, period, season, era
oras noun
time, hour, when, minute, spell
magpaikot verb
swivel, rotate, twiddle, make to revolve, spin
makasama verb
harm, spoil, impair, affect, poison
umasa verb
rely, expect, reckon, hope, look forward to
baling noun
isalin sa verb
mabulok verb
rot, decompose, decay, spoil, waste away
magsalin sa verb
gumawa verb
make, produce, create, do, work
mabatay verb
hinge, depend, base, be based, consist
isalalay verb
put on a holder, use as a holder
masalalay verb
hinge, base, rest, consist, lodge
sumalalay verb
asahan verb
expect, trust, hope, rely, hope for
papihitin verb
magbaling verb
slew, reverse
magpapanis verb
kultahin verb
makulta verb
clot, coagulate, curdle, become curdled
sirain verb
destroy, damage, hash, ruin, spoil
masira verb
break down, spoil, wear, wear out, damage
sumira verb
hash, ruin, harm, do harm, mess up
mapanis verb
deteriorate, sour, addle
maglalik verb
pihitin verb
twist, wrench, make to go round, slue, veer
painugin verb
spin, swirl, rotate, twirl, whirl
magpainog verb
spin, rotate, twirl
paikutin verb
rotate, spin, whirl, twiddle, wind round
palikuin verb
swing, slue
panisin verb
pabalingin verb
reverse, slue, veer
iliko verb
mislead, swing, cause to turn right or left
pasamain verb
degrade, subvert, distort, corrupt, spoil
magpasama verb
corrupt, degrade, distort, subvert, spoil
pulupot noun
kink, coiling, twine, wind
mahilo verb
stun, faint, daze, reel, spin
pilipit noun
kink, twine, warp, wind, wring
gawa noun
work, manufacture, act, deed, labor
pag-inog noun
revolution, whirl, rotation, swirl, twirl
pag-ikot noun
rotation, revolution, circulation, round, swirl
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