How to say sink in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for sink? Here's a list of translations.

Filipino Translation
More Filipino words for sink
lababo noun
basin, lavatory, washstand, washbowl
lumubog verb
swamp, sag, submerge, down, set
mapasubsob verb
malunod verb
drown, get drowned
malugi verb
palubugin verb
submerge, immerse, submerse, steep
mabuwal verb
fall down, topple, drown oneself, fall suddenly and hard, tumble
itanim verb
implant, plant, instill, instil, infix
matanim verb
instill, instil, imbed, engraft
magtanim verb
implant, plant, instill, instil, grow
magbaon verb
dig in, bury, imbed, plunge, rest
magpahina verb
weaken, modulate, impair, debilitate, undermine
pababain verb
lower, reduce, commute, tone down, debase
magbaba verb
shut down, decrease, cast, lower, dismount
magbawa verb
mitigate, diminish, remit, tone down, wane
manghina verb
wilt, weaken, slack off, become slower, grow weary
maghukay verb
dig, excavate, dig under, unearth, scoop
hugasan noun
lavatory, place for washing
magpababa verb
commute, reduce, debase, lessen
mabaon verb
immerse, imbed
magpalubog verb
ilubog verb
immerse, dip, submerge, steep, sop
humina verb
weaken, soften, subside, lose speed, bate
hukayin verb
excavate, unearth, dig, scoop
mapalubog verb
pahinain verb
weaken, modulate, impair, undermine, intone
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kitchen sink noun
lababo, panlipunan
sink down
sink into verb
lumubog sa, bumaon
the sink is clogged
ang lababo ay naka-block
sink or swim
lababo o lumangoy
carbon sink
carbon sink
sink back
sink unit
lababo yunit
heat sink
init lababo
sink in
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