How to say waste in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for waste? Here's a list of translations.

Filipino Translation
More Filipino words for waste
basura noun
garbage, trash, junk, rubbish, debris
sayangin verb
spoil, lose, squander, trifle, trifle away
pagsasayang noun
aksayahin verb
squander, fail to take advantage of
tira noun
residual, leftover, remains, survival, remnant
pagtatapon noun
disposal, deportation, exile
kaparangan noun
wasteland, wilderness, meadow, lea, boondocks
itapon verb
throw, throw away, junk, throw back, deport
walang halaga adjective
trivial, worthless, of no value, insignificant, futile
gibain verb
destroy, demolish, wreck, raze, ruin
pagsayang noun
desyerto noun
wilderness, desert
sirain verb
destroy, damage, hash, ruin, spoil
magpahina verb
weaken, modulate, impair, debilitate, undermine
matapon verb
spill, deport, throw, slop
sumayang verb
gumiba verb
undo, raze
sumira verb
hash, ruin, harm, do harm, mess up
iwasak verb
wreck, destroy, demolish, raze, ravage
papanghina verb
kalawakan noun
galaxy, expanse, space, sweep, immensity
wasakin verb
destroy, ruin, demolish, havoc, raze
mabalda verb
become disabled, maim, become crippled
bumalda verb
manghina verb
wilt, weaken, slack off, become slower, grow weary
lumustay verb
dissipate, embezzle, squander, misappropriate, appropriate
magwasak verb
blight, decimate, devastate, shake down, rase
mag-iba verb
change, demolish, alter, smash, collapse
pag-aksaya verb
mag-aksaya verb
spend recklessly, spend unprofitably, consume, lose, fritter
tira-tirahan noun
scrap, wreck, clippings, remains, leavings
pag-aaksaya noun
wastage, defalcation, extravagance, dissipation, wasting
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