How to say tender in Filipino

What's the Filipino word for tender? Here's a list of translations.

Filipino Translation
More Filipino words for tender
malambot adjective
soft, malleable, yielding, supple, mushy
magiliw adjective
gentle, friendly, kindly, affectionate, amiable
mahabagin adjective
compassionate, merciful, tender-hearted, pitiful, sympathetic
mapagmahal adjective
loving, devoted, affectionate, gracious, amorous
mura adjective
cheap, inexpensive, bland, immature, young
paghahain noun
bata adjective
young, childish, juvenile, youthful, endurable
iharap verb
present, submit, introduce, confront, propound
matamis adjective
sweet, honey, sugary, luscious, honeyed
mahapdi adjective
exquisite, prickly, sore, painful, tender to the touch
mabait adjective
kindly, kind, good, friendly, virtuous
masakit adjective
painful, biting, hurtful, sore, incisive
mapungay adjective
maramdamin adjective
susceptible, affective, touchy, sensitive, resentful
maingat adjective
careful, cautious, wary, discreet, precautionary
maawain adjective
merciful, compassionate, lenient, sympathetic, kind
madamayin adjective
compassionate, sympathetic, helpful, humane, tender-hearted
maamo adjective
gentle, meek, lenient, docile, mild
malamlam adjective
dim, sombre, somber, soft, dull
handog noun
gift, sacrifice, dedication, present, oblation
paghahandog noun
offering, dedication, donation, presentation, oblation
maghandog verb
offer, donate, dedicate, sacrifice, proffer
maantak adjective
magharap verb
present, submit, introduce, prefer, lodge
ihandog verb
offer, donate, dedicate, sacrifice, give
pag-aalok noun
tagapag-alaga noun
keeper, guardian, custodian, shepherd
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tender offer
malambot na Alok
very tender
napaka malambot
tender loving care
malambot na mapagmahal na pangangalaga
call for tender
tawagan para sa malambot
tender-hearted adjective
malambot ang puso, mahabagin, maawain, mabait, madamayin
tender kisses
malambot kisses
tender heart
malambot na puso
legal tender
legal na malambot
tender kiss
malambot na halik
tender love
malambot na pag-ibig
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