How to say fit in Dutch

What's the Dutch word for fit? Here's a list of translations.

Dutch Translation
More Dutch words for fit
geschikt adverb
suitable, suitably, suited, appropriate, appositely, pat, convenient, adequate
aanpassen verb
adjust, adapt, accommodate, fit in, attune
monteren verb
mount, assemble, link
passend adverb
appositely, fairly
gepast adjective
due, proper, suitable, adequate, fitting
voorzien verb
provide, foresee, anticipate, accommodate, furnish
voegen verb
joint, flush, befit, fit with, beseem
afstemmen verb
tune, adjust, adapt, negative, accommodate
uitrusten verb
rest, equip, outfit, fit out, furnish
bruikbaar adjective
useful, usable, serviceable, operable, available
passend maken verb
size, adapt
behoorlijk adjective
decent, proper, reasonable, due, suitable
geschikt maken verb
adapt, capacitate, qualify, attemper
gezond adverb
healthy, sound, healthily, wholesome, soundly, well, healthful, in good fig
betamelijk adjective
becoming, proper, seemly, decent, fitting
aanval noun
attack, assault, charge, bout, offense
toeval noun
chance, coincidence, accident, random, luck
adapteren verb
adapt, accommodate, adjust
in goede conditie adjective
stuip noun
vlaag noun
gust, access, rush, storm, whiffle
aanmaken verb
manufacture, prepare, mix, do, temper
gril noun
whim, caprice, fancy, fad, freak
bevlieging noun
whim, caprice
beroerte noun
stroke, apoplexy, seizure, apoplectic fit
bui noun
shower, storm, squall, caprice
stellen verb
set, put, adjust, state, pose
dienstig adjective
useful, serviceable, available, helpful, instrumental
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