How to say good in Czech

What's the Czech word for good? Here's a list of translations.

Czech Translation
More Czech words for good
dobrý adjective
strong, okay, all right, ok, useful
dobro noun
dobře adverb
well, clearly, okay, all right, ok
hodný adjective
kind, good-natured
vhodný adjective
suitable, appropriate, eligible, suited, convenient
nejlepší adjective
správný adjective
right, correct, proper, just, regular
příjemný adjective
pleasant, nice, enjoyable, pleasing, agreeable
spolehlivý adjective
reliable, dependable, trustworthy, sound, safe
slušný adjective
decent, polite, respectable, fair, reasonable
hezký adjective
pretty, nice, handsome, attractive, fine
prospěch noun
benefit, advantage, profit, welfare, interest
zdravý adjective
healthy, sound, wholesome, well, healthful
užitečný adjective
useful, helpful, handy, beneficial, valuable
prospěšný adjective
beneficial, salutary, subservient, rewarding, serviceable
pořádný adjective
real, regular, sound, lumping, massive
pravý adjective
right, true, real, genuine, authentic
laskavý adjective
kindly, kind, neighborly, gracious, gentle
užitek noun
benefit, utility, avail
silný adjective
strong, powerful, robust, potent, heavy
řádný adjective
proper, regular, decent
výhoda noun
advantage, benefit, convenience, boon, vantage
vážný adjective
serious, grave, major, straight, earnest
pevný adjective
solid, fixed, firm, stable, steadfast
chutný adjective
tasty, appetizing, delicious, palatable, tasteful
úrodný adjective
fertile, fruitful, productive, fecund, rich
hodnotný adjective
valuable, worthy, worthwhile, rewarding
vlídný adjective
kindly, benign, affable, hospitable, gracious
výnosný adjective
profitable, lucrative, remunerative, productive, paying
důkladný adjective
thorough, profound, elaborate, close, substantial
ctnostný adjective
virtuous, chaste
postačující adjective
legrační adjective
funny, comic, amusing, humorous, comical
nezkažený adjective
unspoiled, unspoilt, pure, pure-minded
poživatelný adjective
radostný adjective
joyful, joyous, cheery, cheerful, exhilarating
krytý adjective
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