How to say manufacture in Chinese

What's the Chinese word for manufacture? Here's a list of translations.

Chinese Translation


More Chinese words for manufacture
制造 verb
Zhìzào create, make, fabricate, engineer, output
生产 noun
Shēngchǎn fabrication, yielding
制作 verb
Zhìzuò make
Zhì make, formulate, restrict, work out
研制 verb
Yánzhì develop, prepare
制成品 noun
Zhì chéng pǐn manufactures, manufactured goods, finished products
出产 noun
Chūchǎn produce, output, fabrication
营造 verb
Yíngzào build, make, construct, erect, put up
造作 verb
Zàozuò make, produce
营建 verb
Yíngjiàn build, construct, make, erect, assemble
臆造 verb
Yìzào fabricate, make, construct, formulate, produce
Zuò do, make, be, act, prepare
进程 noun
Jìnchéng process, course, evolution, routing, mentation
生产企业 noun
Shēngchǎn qǐyè manufacture
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