How to say gloomy in Chinese

What's the Chinese word for gloomy? Here's a list of translations.

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More Chinese words for gloomy
阴沉 adjective
Yīnchén overcast, somber, cloudy, sombre
阴郁 adjective
Yīnyù dismal, depressed
灰暗 adjective
Huī'àn gray, grey
暗淡 adjective
Àndàn dim, faint, dismal
黯淡 adjective
Àndàn dim, faint, dismal
阴暗 adjective
Yīn'àn dark, dim, somber, sombre
忧郁 adjective
Yōuyù sullen, morose, brooding, glowering, angry
阴森 adjective
Yīnsēn ghastly, gruesome, surly, saturnine, tenebrous
惨淡 adjective
Cǎndàn dismal, dim
幽暗 adjective
Yōu'àn dim
灰色 adjective
Huīsè pessimistic, obscure, grizzled, grizzly, pessimistical
Àn dark, concealed, dim, dull, hidden
忧愁 adjective
Yōuchóu sad, troubled, worried, depressed, anxious
灰溜溜 adjective
Huī liūliū crestfallen, dejected
Àn dark, dim, dusky, deep black, dusk
苦闷 adjective
Kǔmèn depressed, dejected
Sēn dark, multitudinous
气结 adjective
Qì jié depressed, melancholy
黑暗的 adjective
Hēi'àn de blackout, dark, darkling, swart, swarthy
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dark and gloomy adjective
gloomy mood noun
gloomy forecast
feel gloomy verb
感到沮丧, 愁闷
Similar Words
overcast adjective, noun
灰蒙蒙, 阴沉, 覆盖, 云彩, 低沉
dusk adjective, noun
黄昏, 暮色, 薄暮, ,
caliginous adjective
darkling adjective, adverb
在暗中, 黑暗的
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