How to say promote in Chinese

What's the Chinese word for promote? Here's a list of translations.

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More Chinese words for promote
促进 verb
Cùjìn facilitate, boost, accelerate, advance, stimulate
推动 verb
Tuīdòng push forward, give impetus to
提升 verb
Tíshēng upgrade, elevate, hoist
urge, hurry, hasten, rush
提倡 verb
Tíchàng advocate, encourage, recommend
增进 verb
Zēngjìn enhance
Tuī push, shove, advance, deduce, infer
有助于 verb
Yǒu zhù yú contribute, conduce
振兴 verb
Zhènxīng develop, develop vigorously
Shēng rise, go up, ascend, hoist
pull, pull out, unplug, draw, pull up
mention, extract, raise, lift, carry
擢升 verb
Zhuóshēng exalt
升迁 verb
Shēngqiān promote
伸张 verb
Shēnzhāng uphold
Jìn advance, enter
养殖 verb
Yǎngzhí cultivate, develop, encourage, expand
进军 verb
Jìnjūn advance, carry forward, go forward, press ahead, propel
养育 verb
Yǎngyù raise, care, foster, bring up, rear
encourage, prop, reward, uphold
foster, advance, bear, stand, support
Zhì designate, entrain, prefer, specify
递升 verb
Dìshēng promote
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, 使高贵
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