How to say spoil in Arabic

What's the Arabic word for spoil? Here's a list of translations.

Arabic Translation


More Arabic words for spoil
noun غنيمة
ghanima booty, trophy, prey, swag, plunder
verb دلل
dalal pamper, cocker, indulge, dandle, coddle
verb نهب
nahb plunder, looting, loot, pillage, robbery, ransack, sacking, stole
noun سلب
salb looting, robbery, plundering, pillage, dispossession
verb تلف
talf damage, deterioration, deteriorate, spoilage, destroy, ruin, spoiling, harm, molder
noun نفايات
nifayat tailings, refuse, litter, dumps, offal
verb بدد
badad dawdle, waste, scatter, dissipate, disperse
noun فوائد
fawayid interest, avails
verb كدر
kadur bung, muddy, distress, trouble, roil
noun أنقاض
'anqad rubble, debris, scrap, rubbish
noun غنائم
ghanayim spoil
noun خسائر
khasayir losses, casualties, damages, havoc
noun مكاسب
makasib gainings
verb خرب
kharab desolate, destroy, havoc, ruin, sabotage
verb قام بأعمال السلب
qam bi'aemal alsalb spoil
verb شوه
shuh distort, deform, wrench, color, maim
verb تعطل
tueatil jam, conk, pack, fall due on, give out
verb فسد
fasad mess, mess up, mangle, corrupt, become spoiled
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