How to say cry in Arabic

What's the Arabic word for cry? Here's a list of translations.

Arabic Translation


More Arabic words for cry
noun صرخة
sarkha scream, shriek, shout, yell, holler
noun بكاء
bika' crying, weeping, wailing, crier
verb صرخ
sarikh exclaim, shriek, scream, yell, outcry
noun هتاف
hitaf ejaculation, cheering, exclamation, applause, yell
verb صاح
sah hoot, holler, shout, scream, call
verb بكى
bukaa fret, weep, whine, sob, greet
verb عج
eaj clamor, vociferate, roar, shout, clamour
verb نادى
nadaa call, call for, call out, proclaim, page
verb أعلن عن
'aelan ean ventilate, placard
verb تباكى
tabakaa weep, snivel
verb عوى
euaa howl, squeak, yowl, grizzle, yelp
verb نبح
nabah bark, bay, yap, yelp, howl
noun شعار سياسي
shiear siasiun cry
noun نباح
nabah barking, bark, yelp, howl, yap
noun نحيب
nhib wailing
verb نعب
neb croak, caw
verb التمس
altamas request, ask, beseech, solicit, petition
verb أثار ضجة
'athar daja cry
verb أذاع
'adhae broadcast, vend, celebrate, blazon, radio
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