How to say fit in Arabic

What's the Arabic word for fit? Here's a list of translations.

Arabic Translation

layiq bdnya

More Arabic words for fit
noun نوبة
nuba bout, frenzy, turn, tumult, gale
adjective مناسب
munasib appropriate, suitable, convenient, proper, adequate
adjective ملائم
malayim appropriate, convenient, suitable, proper, favorable
verb ناسب
nasib suit, proportion, marry
verb تكيف
takif adapt, adjust, conform
adjective سليم
salim sound, right, intact, in order, robust
verb جهز
jahz prepare, equip, outfit, provide, fit out
verb زود
zud provide, supply, furnish, equip, store
adjective قادر
qadir able, ambidextrous
adjective موافق
muafiq acceptable, favorable, suitable, appropriate, convenient
verb أعد
'aeada dress, dish, ready, draft, plan
adjective سليم جسمانيا
salim jasmania fit
verb إنطبق على شكل
'iintabiq ealaa shakl fit
adjective موفق
muafaq felicitous, proper
noun انفجار
ainfijar explosion, blast, burst, eruption, outbreak
adjective مستعد
mustaeid ready, prepared, willing, all set, pat
adjective لائق
layiq correct, suitable, becoming, seemly, proper
verb لائم
layim fit
verb وافق
wafaq agree, accept, accord, accede, approbate
adjective صالح للسكن
salih lilsakan habitable
verb لاءم
la'm suit, befit, agree with, be suitable for, be convenient for
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adjective, noun لائق
layiq decent, qualified, proper, seemly, decorous
adverb بدنيا
bdnya physically
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