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How to say end in Arabic

What's the Arabic word for end? Here's a list of translations.

Arabic Translation


More Arabic words for end
noun نهاية
nihaya ending, close, finish, termination, terminus
verb وضع حد
wade hadun stop, break up, make shift, demolish
noun حد
had limit, border, boundary, frontier, edge
verb انتهى
aintahaa finish, run out, determine, fall out, do
noun غاية
ghaya purpose, goal, destination, aim, point
noun طرف
taraf party, tip, side, part, extremity
noun توقف
tawaquf stop, halt, pause, stopping, stoppage
verb أنهى
'anhaa finish, conclude, close, complete, terminate
noun هدف
hadaf goal, target, objective, aim, purpose
noun غرض
gharad purpose, objective, aim, intent, study
noun هلاك
halak destruction, perdition, bane
noun نتيجة
natija result, outcome, consequence, score, conclusion
verb فرغ
faragh empty, finish, void, drain, become empty
verb قطع
qate cut, cut off, disconnect, break, cut out
noun كيس
kays bag, sack, pouch, sac, cyst
noun بقية
baqia rest, remainder, remnant, residue, stub
verb قتل
qutil kill, murder, shoot, slay, put to death
verb قصد
qasad purpose, mean, intend, go to, seek
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