How to say loose in Arabic

What's the Arabic word for loose? Here's a list of translations.

Arabic Translation


More Arabic words for loose
adjective فضفاض
fadafad baggy, wide, flowing, large
verb فك
fak disassemble, untie, release, dismantle, untangle
adjective طليق
taliq free, freed, at large, floating, off-hand
verb رخى
rakhaa unhand, slack, mollify
adjective رخو
rkhu soft, flabby, flaccid, limp, slack
adjective حر
hura free, open, independent, liberated, at large
adjective لين
lyn soft, supple, flexible, tender, pliant
verb أطلق
'atlaq release, fire, shoot, speed, divorce
verb هلهل
halahil loosen
adjective مفكوك
mafkuk unfastened, freed
adjective بدون تنظيم
bidun tanzim loose
verb أطلق صراحه
'atlaq sarahah loose
verb حل
hal solve, resolve, dissolve, fix, settle
verb عاش حياة ماجنة
eash hayat majina loose
adverb على نحو طليق
ealaa nahw taliq loose
adjective متمتع بحرية
mutamatae bahria loose
adjective غير دقيق
ghyr daqiq inaccurate, inexact, incorrect, unfaithful, untrue
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