What is the plural of rhombus?

What's the plural form of rhombus? Here's the word you're looking for.


The plural form of rhombus is rhombi or rhombuses.

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The rhombic dodecahedron is a convex polyhedron with 12 congruent rhombi as its faces.
The rhombic enneacontahedron is a polyhedron composed of 90 rhombic faces, with three, five, or six rhombi meeting at each vertex.
That accounts for a dense, but visually acceptable tessellation of rhombi.
Across the tiled floor they saw nothing but the laughing sun's reflection through colored glass rhombuses.
A series of polyresin marble trays are emblazoned with a scattering of rhombuses.
The panel shapes vary much more, using slanted lines, making the panels rhombuses.

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