What is the plural of charlatan?

What's the plural form of charlatan? Here's the word you're looking for.


The plural form of charlatan is charlatans.

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Like the mythical emperor's new clothes, the obscurity of highbrow discourse was merely a mystique that charlatans used to confound the gullible.
Cranks and charlatans abound when we are all experts in our own field, and consequently nobody is a real expert at all.
Where are the serious people who can displace this flea-bitten ragtag circus of charlatans, illiterates, hucksters, kooks, and dumbells?
One can't discount the importance of protecting the public from charlatans and fly-by-night operations.
There are an astounding number of plain frauds and charlatans in charge of the propaganda of the other side.
But you have to wonder whether confidence men and charlatans don't have some beef with this man for diminishing their reputation.

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