What is the plural of capybara?

What's the plural form of capybara? Here's the word you're looking for.


The plural form of capybara is capybaras.

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Alligator-like caimans doze while capybaras, the world's largest rodent species, munch on grasses along the riverbank.
Just stop being such a baby about it and come spend your vacation in the Venezuela sun frolicking with capybaras.
Living caviomorphs include guinea pigs, chinchillas, and capybaras, which at 50 kg weigh in as the largest living rodents.
On this 140-mile journey, you'll visit fishing villages atop South American criollo horses, fuel up on lamb and steak, and gaze at capybaras.
Living members of the group today include beavers, squirrels, guinea pigs, rats, mice, capybaras, and hundreds of other species.
Rodents range in size from pygmy mice weighing 5 g to capybaras, the largest of which weigh over 70 kg.

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