What is the past tense of soar to?

What's the past tense of soar to? Here's the word you're looking for.


The past tense of soar to is soared to.

The third-person singular simple present indicative form of soar to is soars to.

The present participle of soar to is soaring to.

The past participle of soar to is soared to.

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Not only had admission prices soared to 20 euros but you couldn't get anywhere near the turnstiles to pay.
Miranda leaped and ran, spun and twirled, flew and soared to the sound of Mario's violin.
In four other seasons, the figure soared to '1' before receding to the familiar goose egg the next year.
Home values have soared to high levels in many countries as irrational exuberance grips the markets.
The number of bomb explosions has soared to 85 cases this year, a five-fold leap from last year, which saw 17 cases.
Now, its membership has soared to more than 200, with monthly meetings in a north-west hospital.

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