What is the past tense of prowl around?

What's the past tense of prowl around? Here's the word you're looking for.


The past tense of prowl around is prowled around.

The third-person singular simple present indicative form of prowl around is prowls around.

The present participle of prowl around is prowling around.

The past participle of prowl around is prowled around.

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Similar Words
Tom appeared to have a scrap with just about every First Division manager last season as he animatedly prowled around his Love Street paddock.
Janet prowled around the cart, pouncing on anything that moved.
Not expecting Remus for quite awhile I just prowled around, looking at old axes and shovels that had been left behind.
Clean-cut, in sharp suits, and with short hair at a time when that was unfashionable, they prowled around muttering into wires that protruded from their shirt cuffs.
By day they prowled around the camp, and fought with the dogs for the offal and the bones.
Day and night, alone and unattended, I prowled around his casino at S. Mos, nursing this condemnable desire within my breast.

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