What is the past tense of leave it?

What's the past tense of leave it? Here's the word you're looking for.


The past tense of leave it is left it.

The third-person singular simple present indicative form of leave it is leaves it.

The present participle of leave it is leaving it.

The past participle of leave it is left it.

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The keeper and a defender went for the same ball and then left it for each other, allowing the speculative shot to hit the empty net.
Dad had left it in gear and the prized family wagon jumped forward smashing into yet another parked car.
It would be a mercy to end its existence, but he left it there, just tethering at the edge of death, wishing for it but not enough to fall over.
They talked with him about what happened in the cafeteria but Mike just said that he'd had worse and left it at that.
And in the bathroom I'd have a field day, heavily thumping the loo seat down every time he left it up.
Her plight is merely a bureaucratic blunder but she has left it too late to save the day.

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