What is the past tense of dowse?

What's the past tense of dowse? Here's the word you're looking for.


The past tense of dowse is dowsed.

The third-person singular simple present indicative form of dowse is dowses.

The present participle of dowse is dowsing.

The past participle of dowse is dowsed.

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Fay, who is regularly dowsed by a fellow practitioner herself to help stay healthy, says she sees and feels a client's ailment as an energy.
The above observations taken together suggest that the dowsing reaction involves the imbalance of lateral body fields by whatever is being dowsed.
So one Sunday morning soon after sunrise we entered the field and made our examinations, buried the bottles and dowsed the formation.
Standing on a chair, fully dressed, he sprayed his head and upper body with shaving lather, dowsed himself with rice, and then plunged into a washtub.
Burning newspaper dowsed in meths or petrol is thought to have been pushed through the front door of the property, destroying the hall and door.
These unhealthy subtle energies are often dowsed as narrow energy lines which crisscross through bedrooms or as irregular edged areas.

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