What is the opposite of takes?

Need antonyms for takes? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to guide or escort
“The usher then ignores me as I wait patiently to be shown to my seat.”
Opposite of to get into one's possession
“The street vendor would give me my hot dog once he had finished preparing it.”
Opposite of to take control of with one's hands
“The child would release her mother's hand and run off to play once they reached the park.”
Opposite of to remove from a particular place
“The chef would place a heap of anchovies on my pizza despite me specifically telling him not to.”
Opposite of to cite or reference
“The teacher would typically invent new and creative phrases to demonstrate the use of various words in sentences.”
(of food, drink or drugs) Opposite of to consume
“You should abstain from unhealthy foods if you want to lose weight.”
Opposite of to capture by force
“After assuming power, Daenerys would proceed to free the Unsullied from their enslavement.”
Opposite of to dispossess someone of something
“Someone had stolen Jesse's car, but the thief would then return it later that day.”
Opposite of to subtract
“If you add two to five, that will equal seven.”
(of a place or position) Opposite of to occupy
“We would reluctantly forfeit our prime, first-row seats at the concert because we had another urgent matter to attend to.”
(of accommodation) Opposite of to rent
“I would rent out my apartment to a nice couple who were new to the city.”
Opposite of to accept
“I decided to turn down the first job I was offered as I was confident of getting some better offers.”
Opposite of to pick one option over another
“I absolutely disfavor just lazing about at home instead of going out for a walk.”
(of a newspaper or periodical) Opposite of to be a subscriber to
“I am going to cancel Woman's Day as I am no longer interested in keeping up with the Kardashians.”
Opposite of to carry or bring along with
“My new guitar was too bulky to take with me, and so I would leave it in Spain.”
Opposite of to accept or receive, typically something awarded
“She had worked hard and tried her best, but would ultimately fail at winning a medal during the tournament.”
Opposite of to act on an opportunity
“He would miss many golden opportunities that had been presented to him during his career because of his tunnel vision.”
(take one's word) Opposite of to believe as valid or correct
“You keep making promises without producing results, so I am going to have to disbelieve your word from now on.”
Opposite of to understand or accept the validity of
“He has a penchant for using sarcasm, which often leads people to misunderstand the point he is making.”
(be taken by or with) Opposite of to be attracted or charmed by
“Many people were offended by Alex's crazy theory that polluted waters were causing frogs to mutate.”
(of an action or task) Opposite of to undertake or perform
“Because of your goodwill towards the association, you will be allowed to bypass the test that most members are required to take.”
(of a task or situation) Opposite of to have a necessity for a particular person or thing
“We already have plenty of eggs. It will not take much more to bake this cake.”
(of an illness) Opposite of to catch or contract
“I should recover from my cold within a week or so.”
Opposite of to allow or have room for
“The school will bar any student who fails to meet the minimum academic requirements.”
Opposite of to achieve victory over
“With the mediocre players we have, we are probably going to lose to most teams.”
Opposite of to cause or result in the loss of life
“The lifeguard used CPR to revive the boy who had almost drowned.”
Opposite of viewpoints or opinions
“Indeed, his refusal to cooperate provided additional evidence, if any were needed, of his cluelessness.”
Opposite of plural for money that is gained or acquired
“Members of the cartel got together to discuss how to manage the loss from their latest venture.”
Opposite of plural for an individual's allotment from a collective pool (usually of money)
“Arthur Morgan's final take was only a fraction of the entire pool that the gang had acquired.”
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