What is the opposite of discover?

Need antonyms for discover? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to come to an awareness of something
“She tried to hide all evidence of her crime.”
Opposite of to discover through studying or searching
“How did you lose such an enormous piece of equipment?”
Opposite of to find unexpectedly or during a search
“It always amazes me how anybody can overlook the basic truths about this nation.”
(archaic) Opposite of to reveal (information)
“Clark Kent did his best to conceal his identity, even to Lois Lane.”
Opposite of to establish or make a determination on the nature of someone or something
“Many people mistake the endangered water vole for the brown rat and accidentally poison them or disturb their burrows.”
Opposite of to be told or informed of
“Maloney, lying snugly in the bear grass beside the track, would not be informed as to the arrangement.”
Opposite of to be aware
“Despite the warning signs, he chose to ignore them and proceed past the barrier.”
Opposite of to discover or find something, especially by chance
“The oarsmen had to dodge uprooted trees and tree limbs, dead animals, and coastal birds as they neared the island.”
Opposite of to create something, typically using ingenuity or creativity
Opposite of to discover, especially something valuable through effort
Opposite of to move into a country from another one to stay permanently
Opposite of to see or notice
“How did you miss that? It was the single best shot ever made!”
Opposite of to be creative or imaginative
“Lacking any creativity, he would merely imitate the works of other artists around him.”
Opposite of to ascertain through analysis or investigation
“The detectives would disprove that Steven was innocent after finding traces of the victim's DNA on his premises.”
Opposite of take up with
Opposite of to uncover or remove from a burial place
(explore for) To search for something
“The team of fortune hunters headed deep into the valley to explore for gold.”
Opposite of to find out through discovery
“Ted would be ignorant as to who the princesses were until he met them in the castle while on his adventure with Bill.”
Opposite of to decide or determine correctly or with certainty
“I figure that this might be a big problem.”
To discover (something) by guesswork or intuition
“It would likely be a mistake to divine an intention simply from the activities of a group.”
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