What is the noun for zaniness?

What's the noun for zaniness? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. plural of zaniness
  2. Synonyms:
    1. asininities, sillinesses, absurdities, eccentricities, foolishnesses, frivolities, inanities, absurdnesses, crazinesses, facetiousnesses, fatuities, flippancies, follies, goofinesses, humors, humours, inanenesses, incongruencies, ludicrosities, madnesses, nonsensicalness, outlandishnesses, preposterousness, senselessnesses, strangenesses, tomfooleries, trivialities, wits, witlessnesses, wittinesses, brainlessness, buffooneries, childishnesses, comedies, fatuousnesses, fooleries, frivolousnesses, hijinks, hilarities, idiocies, jocularities, lightheartednesses, lunacies, mindlessnesses, nonsenses, nuttinesses, oddnesses, playfulnesses, puerilities, shenanigans, stupidities, wackinesses, amusements, bizarrenesses, clowneries, comicalities, daftnesses, drolleries, flightinesses, gaieties, humorousness, illogicalities, illogicalnesses, imbecilities, incongruities, incongruousnesses, insanities, irrationalities, jocoseness, jocosities, ludicrousnesses, merriments, mirths, nonsensicalities, oafishness, ridiculousnesses, risibilities, simplicities, unconventionalities, witticisms, balminess, comicalness, drollnesses, farcicalities, farcicalness, fun, funninesses, gormlessness, hilariousness, jestings, jokiness, levities, mirthfulness, slapsticks, unreasonablenesses, uproariousness, waggishness, whimsicalities, badinages, banter, cloddishness, clownings, clownishnesses, dippiness, doltishness, dottinesses, fopperies, horseplay, joyfulnesses, monkeyshines, moronism, moronity, railleries, skylarkings, unwisdoms, whimsies, wildnesses, light-heartednesses, high jinks, monkey business
  1. plural of zany
  2. Synonyms:
    1. buffoons, clowns, harlequins, buffos
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