What is the noun for upset?

What's the noun for upset? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (uncountable) Disturbance or disruption.
  2. (politics) An unexpected victory of a competitor or candidate that was not favored to win.
  3. (automobile insurance) An overturn.
  4. An upset stomach.
  5. (mathematics) An upper set; a subset (X,≤) of a partially ordered set with the property that, if x is in U and x≤y, then y is in U.
  6. Synonyms:
  7. Examples:
    1. “The recent bad news is the cause of much upset for many of the local residents.”
      “The underdogs stunned the world by pulling off an upset against their more fancied rivals.”
      “He was being treated for a minor stomach upset when the pulmonary embolism was discovered.”
  1. One who upsets (something); a disrupter.
  2. A person or device that turns something upside down.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “The Spirit is fire and flame, a restless wind, a turbulent sea, an upsetter, a supplanter.”
      “The circumstances of that amazing win elevated Fleck beyond the run-of-the-mill upsetter.”
      “Fortunately, The Upsetter was on crucial form when he rolled into town for a show that just got better as it went on.”
  1. The quality or degree of being emotionally upset.
  1. The state or condition of being upset; upsetness.
  1. Alternative form of upsettedness
  1. The quality of being upsetting.
  1. plural of upsetting
  1. plural of upsetter
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Soon afterward, Hendrix joined Little Richard's touring band, the Upsetters.”
      “He was the man behind classics from Junior Murvin, Max Romeo, The Congos, Dr Alimantado, Junior Byles, his own outfit, The Upsetters and a certain Bob Marley.”
      “But there's not much left of that scene where Kingston studio bands like the Upsetters and the Skatalites were pounding out 20 and 30 songs a day.”
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