What is the noun for trashy?

What's the noun for trashy? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (chiefly US) Useless things to be discarded; rubbish; refuse.
  2. A container into which things are discarded.
  3. Something worthless or of poor quality.
  4. (derogatory) People of low social status or class. (See, for example, white trash or Eurotrash.)
  5. (humorous) A fan who is excessively obsessed with their fandom and its fanworks.
  6. (computing) Temporary storage on disk for files that the user has deleted, allowing them to be recovered if necessary.
  7. A collar, leash, or halter used to restrain a dog in pursuing game.
  8. Synonyms:
    1. rubbish, nonsense, rot, bull, drivel, twaddle, garbage, bilge, moonshine, balderdash, tosh, tripe, pap, bunkum, piffle, poppycock, tommyrot, balls, guff, bunk, bosh, humbug, scum, rabble, junk, hokum, hot air, dross, waste, gibberish, debris, litter, refuse, rubbish, hogwash, garbage, pants, malarkey, flapdoodle, dregs, applesauce, trumpery, crapola, cobblers, hooey, muck, gobbledegook, horsefeathers, inanity, riffraff
  1. A collection of garbage or rubbish; things, persons, ideas, etc of no significant value.
  1. The property of being trashy.
  1. plural of trashiness
  1. The act by which something is trashed.
  2. Synonyms:
    1. defacement, defacing, vandalization, vandalism, wrecking, violence
  1. plural of trashery
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