What is the noun for steals?

What's the noun for steals? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. The act of stealing.
  2. A piece of merchandise available at a very attractive price.
  3. (basketball, ice hockey) A situation in which a defensive player actively takes possession of the ball or puck from the opponent's team.
  4. (baseball) A stolen base.
  5. (curling) Scoring in an end without the hammer.
  6. (computing) A policy in database systems that a database follows which allows a transaction to be written on nonvolatile storage before its commit occurs.
  7. Synonyms:
    1. theft, bargain, snip, thievery, burglary, raid, robbery, larceny, intercept, embezzlement, misappropriation, mugging, buy, thieving, pinch, turnover, giveaway, deal, dacoity, swindle, snatch, fraud, blag, purloining, peculation, job, heist, pennyworth, clanger, pilfering, defalcation, value, good buy, cheap buy, great buy, surprisingly cheap, value for money, break-in, good deal, great deal, good value, good value for money, great value, rip-off, hold-up, great value for money, cheap purchase, excellent value for money, smash-and-grab, excellent value
  1. An ecclesiastical garment consisting of a decorated band worn on the back of the neck with each end hanging over the chest.
  2. A scarf-like garment, often made of fur.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. cape, shawl, wrap, scarf, tippet, boa, mantle, coat, cover, garment, fur, pelerine, cloak, pashmina, jacket, poncho, blanket
  1. (uncountable) The action of the verb to steal.
  2. (plural) That which is stolen; stolen property.
  3. Synonyms:
    1. robbery, theft, larceny, thievery, embezzlement, thieving, shoplifting, pilfering, misappropriation, pilferage, burglary, looting, plagiarism, appropriation, pinching, piracy, peculation, pocketing, nicking, defalcation
  1. (baseball, informal) The number of stolen bases by a baserunner.
  2. Synonyms:
    1. bargains, snips, buys, deals, giveaways, pennyworths, value, great deal, value for money
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