What is the noun for rhombus?

What's the noun for rhombus? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (zoology, now rare) Any of several flatfishes, including the brill and turbot, once considered part of the genus Rhombus, now in Scophthalmus. [from 16th c.]
  2. (zoology, archaic) Snails, now in Conus or Conidae.
  3. (geometry) A parallelogram having all sides of equal length. [from 16th c.]
  4. Synonyms:
  5. Examples:
    1. “I picked up an interesting sedimentary rock that was the exact shape of a rhombus.”
      “Figure 6 shows an equilateral triangle and a rhombus that circumscribe the same unit circle.”
      “The formula for computing the volume of a rhombus, that's something you forget.”
  1. A parallelogram which is neither a rhombus nor a rectangle
  2. Any of several muscles that control the shoulders
  3. A solid shape which has rhombic faces
  4. Synonyms:
  1. A rhombus.
  2. A rhombohedron.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “This emblem was like vertical rhomb or diamond with a horizontal line in the middle, or two triangles joined together.”
      “Only Lonnrot apprehends that the design of the plot is actually a rhomb.”
      “It consisted of five magnetic needles, ranged side by side on a horizontal line that formed the diameter of a rhomb.”
  1. A prism with six faces, each a rhombus.
  2. Examples:
    1. “Faceted stones weighing 25.56 and 61.24 carats along with a rhombohedron of rhodochrosite on matrix are illustrated and discussed by Sinkankas.”
      “At most locations in the Deccan Traps, the primary form for calcite is the rhombohedron.”
      “As in the other rhombohedral carbonates, the crystals possess perfect cleavages parallel to the faces of the rhombohedron.”
  1. (anatomy) Any of the rhomboid muscles.
  2. Examples:
    1. “Muscles acting on the scapula in this section include serratus anterior, rhomboideus minor, rhomboideus major, trapezius, and deltoid.”
      “A slip at the level of rhomboideus minor, named rhomboideus minimus, extends from the scapula to thoracic or lower cervical vertebral spines.”
      “This is a back view on left side, showing slips of levator scapulae to serratus anterior and rhomboideus minor.”
  1. (obsolete) A rhomboid.
  2. Examples:
    1. “The influence of benthic macrophytes on the foraging behavior of pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides.”
      “Nelson suggested that the observed amphipod change was the result of predation by the pinfish Lagodon rhomboides.”
      “Branchial rickettsia-like infection associated with clam Venerupis rhomboides mortality.”
  1. plural of rhombohedron
  2. Examples:
    1. “It commonly forms large, perfect rhombohedra that are cherry-red, strawberry-pink, or pale pink in color.”
      “Rhodochrosite crystals do occur here from time to time as relatively small flat rhombohedra.”
      “He arrived at this from a study of calcite crystals of various habits and noted that the cleavage rhombohedra were always the same.”
  1. plural of rhombohedron
  2. Examples:
    1. “Microsparite and sparite calcite crystals are mostly equant to elongated rhombohedrons or scalenohedrons, but also a few prismatic crystals were observed.”
      “For example, it's possible to build up a nonrepeating pattern in three dimensions simply by using two types of rhombohedrons, which resemble skewed cubes.”
  1. plural of rhomboideus
  1. plural of rhomboid
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “It is the duty of your rhomboids to pull your shoulder blades together and to stabilize your body when the other back muscles are in use.”
      “Then he takes his shirt off and all you see is ribcage where lats, rhomboids and middle traps should be.”
      “The rhomboids are between the shoulder blades and they help in rotation, elevation and retraction of the shoulder blades.”
  1. plural of rhombus
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “That accounts for a dense, but visually acceptable tessellation of rhombi.”
      “The rhombic dodecahedron is a convex polyhedron with 12 congruent rhombi as its faces.”
      “The rhombic enneacontahedron is a polyhedron composed of 90 rhombic faces, with three, five, or six rhombi meeting at each vertex.”
  1. plural of rhombus
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The panel shapes vary much more, using slanted lines, making the panels rhombuses.”
      “Across the tiled floor they saw nothing but the laughing sun's reflection through colored glass rhombuses.”
      “A series of polyresin marble trays are emblazoned with a scattering of rhombuses.”
  1. plural of rhomb
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Tiny adularia rhombs are also present on the matrix of a specimen showing an unusual association of wire gold with scheelite.”
      “The indistinct boundaries between these dolomite rhombs and the calcite suggests that the latter has been partially dolomitized.”
      “The first two vertex stars are made by using five of the thick rhombs, with the black vertices on the inside in the first set and on the outside in the second.”
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