What is the noun for repetitiveness?

What's the noun for repetitiveness? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. An iteration; a repetition.
  2. A television program shown after its initial presentation -- particularly many weeks after its initial presentation; a rerun.
  3. Patterns of nucleic acids that occur in multiple copies throughout the genome.
  4. Synonyms:
  5. Examples:
    1. “Analysis suggests that the economic impact of a repeat of past pandemics would be short-lived.”
      “The show was a great hit, and a repeat by the network was inevitable.”
  1. The act or an instance of repeating or being repeated.
  2. (weightlifting): The act of performing a single, controlled exercise motion; also called a rep. A group of repetitions is a set.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “He demonstrates how repetition changes meaning over time.”
      “Through this measure the chances of success against a repetition of the revolutionary movement were greatly improved.”
  1. the property or quality of being repeatable
  2. the lack of variation amongst multiple measurements taken under the same conditions
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “High precision slideways are an essential requirement for the accuracy and repeatability demands on modern machine tools.”
      “What's more, there are issues related to equipment maintainability, reliability, hardening pattern repeatability, and downtime.”
      “A noncontact, no-wear design eliminates hysteresis and friction for reliability and repeatability.”
  1. A private instructor in a repetitorium.
  2. Someone or something that repeats something.
  3. Examples:
    1. “She spent several years in the UK as repetitor for The Birmingham Royal Ballet School and on staff at the Junior Conservatoire in Birmingham.”
  1. The state of being repetitious.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Perhaps for feminists Tiefer's repetitiousness makes the lecture a little bit long.”
      “Its spacious interiors and colour scheme were admired, but many people found its repetitiousness boring.”
      “Pamela Berlin, who directed persuasively, can be faulted only for not having made the author trim some of his repetitiousness.”
  1. The state of being repetitive.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “A handful of misspellings, constant use of the passive voice, and frequent repetitiveness mar the study.”
      “Pointedly punctuating the film are aerial shots of the megalopolis rendered abstract by its immense repetitiveness.”
      “She kicked out against the the boredom, repetitiveness and narrowness of women's lives.”
  1. (archaic) One who repeats.
  1. plural of repeatability
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “These repeatabilities were significant, except mean rate of change of curvature in the xy plane.”
  1. plural of repetitioner
  1. plural of repetition
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “It's common to use prayer beads to mark the number of repetitions of a mantra.”
      “Some repetitions, to show his seriousness in all, and the concernment of the thing spoken.”
      “List all exercises performed, including the total number of sets and repetitions for each and poundages per lift.”
  1. plural of repetitor
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